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My husband stopped in at the office last week with a hearing aid not working. The woman, sorry didn’t get her name, was able to clear the clog in the aid quickly & sent my husband home with some little brushes to clean the hearing aid. No charge, just lovely service. thank you.
Carol Bailey, on Google
The folks at Willoughby Hearing are so kind. My dad is extremely hard of hearing and they have helped him so much. We cannot say enough about their service.
lynn Goodison, on Google
I saw an add for a free hearing test and they called to schedule an appointment. I came in and Ellen was so awesome getting me started and Louis showed me that my hearing could be corrected with a little help. I got to hear for the first time in a very long time out of my right ear. It brought tears to me to know what I had been missing. We did ear molds and ordered my new hearing aids. I have had them for two weeks now and am very happy. Thank you all so much
Roger Hake, on Google
I'm so Impressed!!!! My husband and I showed up to our appointment early and while we were waiting another patient came in and Ellen Norris the secretary greeted him with a smile and asked what she could do for him, he had a hearing aid that wasn't working so she took the hearing aid back and worked on it herself and was able to get it working . Louis Christensen was with another patient, and I was impressed with her ability to do that along with her regular duties. She always has a smile and a greeting with any one the comes through the door.
Linda Noack, on Google
I have been going to Willoughby Hearing for quit some time, and I would not go anywhere else, the staff are above board, and they have met all my needs.
Dennis Hanson, on Google

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